Welcome to West Plains Polls & Hinesville Merino Studs

My wife Laura Chapman and I operate Hinesville/West Plains at Delegate in the Snowy Monaro. Our farm is at an elevation of 800m and our climate has long cold winters and an annual rainfall of 650mm.   


We breed large framed, early maturing Merinos that carry large fleeces of a long staple with free growing fine medium white wools. We supply clients with rams that breed large, dual purpose Merinos which improve wool cut and quality as well as turning off wether lambs for top prices.

Our West Plains stud sire Mercenary has sold semen to over 50 studs throughout Australia and New Zealand. Hinesville has sold rams up to $14,000 at auction.

This year due to Covid19 changes have been made to how we sell our rams.  We have sold rams through AuctionsPlus for Bendigo and Hamilton sales. We will be displaying at Dubbo National and offering two stud sires at Dubbo sale which will be a physical sale run in conjuction with AuctionsPlus.



Drew Chapman

Stud Principal




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